Child is the leading character 「Republic of play」

Speaking of "Children's paradise" in Tokyo, Asobono. The upper child is also the place I like the most, and I am looking forward to it. I am doing it several times, but since I love children, I will try to introduce it to overseas people.


Family capabilities are up, facility packed with such a mechanism. That is "Asobo ~ No!"

The connection of each person making up the family. Also, exchange on a family basis, connection. Each family strengthens each other's ties. Also, deepen exchanges with other families.

Fee Hours

◆ Children (6 months to elementary school students)

Basic 930 yen / 60 minutes No re-entry

Extension 410 yen / 30 minutes

1 day free pass 1,550 yen re-entry possible


◆ Adult (junior high school student)

Basic 930 yen

Re-entry only for children accompanied by 1 child free pass


Note: 【For specific period of spring】

Since Friday, March 23, 2018 to April 5, 2018 (Thursday) is a specific period, there is no sale of "Children's Day 1 Free Pass" on weekdays.

※ The sales may be canceled depending on the congestion situation even during the period other than the above. Please note.

How to play

In "Asobo-no!" There are areas where you can move your body all the time and play areas you can play using toys. In addition to the biggest ball pool in Tokyo, a trampoline, a slide, an area where you can run a train by laying rails freely, an area play area, etc. You can play freely.


Girls are popular with doll houses, shops and restaurants like Sylvania Families in Toy Forest, restaurants and markets in colorful towns and markets.Boys will be crazy about toy forests where you can play Plarail · Tomica, block play pleasure station and board games.

A fictional world whose children are the protagonists

Crossing the hill and crossing the mountains, it is a colorful world spreading under the eyes. This is the 'Republic of play' where the children play the leading role.Children can freely enjoy with their families freely, with favorite toys and play equipment that you can not play at home everyday.

A new aspect of children can be found! !

In addition to having fun for children, we prepared a mechanism that we can enjoy together with parents and children. You may be able to discover a new aspect of your child's growth, through which you have not noticed until now.

Babies from 0 years old are OK! !

There is also an infant exclusive area from 0 to 24 months, and you can let the baby play safely and with peace of mind.

Baby food and diapers are offered as well as breast feeding rooms.

Food and drink in here

Those purchased at vending machines (drinks, baby food etc.) in the hotel can be eaten, but bringing in foods from the outside is not good.


Even if you are playing all day because you have just the toy that grabs the child's heart, you will not get tired. If you do not have a free pass on the 1st day, you will be in a state of glance as a parent as a clock.


However, Asobono can be used from a baby of 0 month and can play freely with play equipment which can not be played at home usually. I am also happy to have sales for babies and baby foods etc!


Because there are a variety of playground equipment, it is also attractive to play with their own ages even with brothers who are a little older. Why do not you try going out to Asobono with your family

English: ASOBONO!