9. Japanese Style Easy without frying Chicken cheese fried

Ingredients For One

                    • Two chicken scissors
                    • Melting slice cheese 1 sheet
                    • Mayonnaise as appropriate
                    • Bread crumbly
                    • Salt pepper as appropriate

 1. Take off the chicken scissors and open it


2. Salt the open scissors with salt, peel the sliced cheese thinly, and sandwich it with another piece of scallops.


3. Coat mayonnaise on the outside of the stacked Sasami.


※Once the mayonnaise has been applied to the whole, attach breadcrumbs firmly. Easy & dirty when put in a plastic bag! I recommend it.





Even if Sasami does not open well, arrange the cheese appropriately, prepare the shape, turn on bread crumbs and bake it up!

When putting in a plastic bag, bread crumbs are attached very beautifully.