Ingredients for 1

★ 3 tablespoons flour powder (45 ml)

★ Sugar (even if you can reduce it as you like) 3 tablespoons (45 ml)

★ 1/2 teaspoon baking powder (2.5 ml)

1 tablespoon salad oil (7.5 ml = 5 ml + 2.5 ml)

Egg (M size) 1 piece

Toppings (chocolate chips, jams etc) If you like (too much will overflow)


1. Put ★ (flour, sugar, baking powder) in the mug. Mix flour topping such as cocoa with coco.

    (Mix until the mass of sugar or flour is gone.)



2. put the salad oil and eggs.


3. Mix firmly so that you can not get rid of.

* Only be careful with the dam! There is a report that it causes withering if too much mixing is done



4. Microwave in 500 W for 2 minutes

For 900 w 1 min 20 sec

For 800 w 1 min 20-40 sec

For 1300 w 1 min 5 sec

Main Points

Please adjust the way to measure the measuring spoon, according to the size of the mug, less and more.For those who like it, please have jam or marmalade.Eating at the earliest is the most delicious point to eat.