Ingredients For 1


Quarter of shredded  cabbage 

Pork or Beef sliced 80 ~ 100g

1 egg

A lot of BBQ source

Lots of mayonnaise (Japanese mayonnaise)


1. Squeeze cabbage shreds while making a dent in the middle of the dish then 

Arrange sliced pork or beef on cabbage

2. Microwave in it with wrapping around 3 minutes



3. Take it out and split the egg into the middle. And then push the yolks once with chopsticks.


4. Microwave in it with wrapping again about 2 minutes! while watching the state! 


5. When eggs become hardness of your choice, take out, complete your favorite sauce and mayonnaise! !

Main points

As eggs get caught when inadvertently watch as you please see! There is no problem even after trying mayonnaise and sauce! Easy cooking you try it!!