Ingredients for 2 persons


1 chicken breast meat

2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar


Your choice of herbs

(1) Sprinkle 1 teaspoonful of sugar per tablet and back of the flesh, and massage well. After a while the water came out and I will leave it for a while as it will come out.

(2) When the sugar granules are almost dissolved, it will be salt. Likewise, one teaspoon of teaspoons are sprinkled on the front and back of the flesh and rubbing again and again.

Point:People who want to add herbs should be mixed together at this time. Our house often uses rosemary.



(3) Sleep in the refrigerator! We sealed it with a vacuum packing machine. Even zip lock OK! Leave in the refrigerator

 for 2 days.

After 2 days, Salt removal. Rinse the extracted meat with running water, put water in a large bowl and add some salt meat to the salt.

 Turn over after 30 minutes and leave for 30 minutes. Total 1 hour.(Let's not overlap each meat when making it together)as much as possible. If you were pounding for a while with kitchen paper you will feel like sticky.


(4) Molding. Use wrapping to wind around and mold. 

.hAs if to make rolled sushi, it can be molded beautifully by pushing it with laplap

As for the end, it gets tied up like a candy wrapperand when you overlap another one from the top, it stops beautifully. 

(5) It is a double packet. Boil. I boiled a big pot with plenty of hot water, did not it boil?

Throw meat at the place! Because the meat is cold temporarily the temperature drops and the boil will fit, continue heating as it is, stop the fire in a place like boiling again.

 Please put the meat completely in hot water and please use the falling cover etc if it seems to float. Leave untill as hot water cools.

(6) If you get hot water of warm water - water, take it out, remove the lap and cut it to your favorite size.

Main points-Important

· I think that it will be better if you spend as much time as possible. Especially salting out, please do not pull out your hands, please take your time.


· It is a point to take as much water as possible before molding. If the moisture remains, the shape becomes easy to collapse.

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