Ingredients for 2 persons

*Chicken (breast meat) 1   *Soy sauce 150 cc  *Water 100 cc *Mirin(Japanese sweet sake) 100 cc

*3 tablespoons sugar and 1/2  *1 tablespoon of vinegar  *One piece of grated ginger and grated

*One piece of green onion  *(Grated garlic in your choice) A little

1, Preparing chicken breast meat. (Don't seasoning anything)


2, Prepare a small sauce pot with chicken meat so that you can soak it firmly.

Add seasoning and onion, ginger to the pan and put it on fire.

3, When boiled down, put the breast meat and weaken the fire

 put on fire for 2 minutes with a low fire.

4, Turn it over again for 2 minutes. (4 minutes in total)

5, Cover the lid, leave it at ambient temperature as it is cold

6, Sliced 1 cm thickness 

Main Points (Important)

In order to pass the fire, please use a small pot to firmly chicken 


In the recipe I use a small breast meat. Depending on the size, fire may not pass through

so please adjust heating time. If you try cutting it out and 

if it does not pass, please take a moment to reheat.

reference from cookpad (Japanese language)