Kotora's New Picture


It is Kotora. I got a picture taken the other day. How is everyone? Compared with previous pictures, I also got old. I feel that my gray hair has increased. Since there is a download link, everyone please please!

Japan has gotten warmer since last week. "Three cold four temperature" Spring has come.

The meaning is that it is cold for about three days, the next four days are warm, this will be repeated. Do you have such a proverb overseas? I think that it is various worlds not only in the country with "four seasons" like Japan, but also in tropical areas and desert areas.


Speaking of spring is "Sakura". Cherry blossoms can be held until mid-April! Do you know "Ohanami"? A traditional Japanese party. I drink alcohol with my colleagues under the cherry blossoms. It's fun is not it.

History of Ohanami

It is said that Japanese cherry-blossom viewing originates from the aristocratic event of the Nara period. In the Nara period, plums just introduced from China had been appreciated, but cherry blossoms have been replaced in the Heian era. It has also appeared in songs, "Songs of Manyoshu" has 43 songs that shed cherry blossoms, and songs that shed plums about 110 chapters, but in the early 10th century "Kokin Waka song" the number reversed Cherry blossoms are 70 necks and plums are 18 necks.



"Flower" is used as an alias for cherry blossoms, it is also from this time that beautiful women's appearance can be compared to cherry blossoms.


It is said that the custom of cherry blossom spread widely to the common people in the Edo period. Cherry blossom breeds improvement was also carried out actively these days.


It was long since I was born - Japanese history is interesting. Please come and see "Ohanami" if you come to Japan. Especially the cherry blossoms at night are very beautiful with light up! Like my eyes