Picture Book3

Kyu tsu kyu tsu kyu tsu ( onomatopoeia)


Baby starts soup with animals of stuffed animals, rabbit spill, bear spill ... .... A fun look is a picture book that catches the baby's heart.


Baby, Mr. Mouse, Rabbit, Bear, lined up side by side, delicious soup "Okay." If Mr. Mouse spilled the soup on her belly, I will wipe it. Mr. Rabbit in hand, even if the bear spilled on my feet, I'll wipe it off "Kyu tsu kyu tsu kyu tsu". "Ah it was delicious", when the plate becomes empty, it wipes around the mouth of the baby.


The baby's clothes are somewhat silly and adorable with a small body, the animals spilled the soup. Even if I spill it, I will wipe it "Kyu tsu kyu tsu kyu tsu" without getting angry. Such kind message is transmitted.  Also, like all of them, if all the family members have voices, it seems that they will be able to say "I will have you" greeting happily.