Graduate from...

Hi I am  Kotora. How is  it going mates?

Outside got warmer little by little. Spring is already there! In Japan, plums begin to bloom, it will be around the time cherry blossoms are blooming.

In March, "graduation ceremony" season has come in Japan. It is time to graduate from school and work, various things. It is a lonely moon, but the only month I can reset everything.

What are the children of our house graduating? I am not a graduate either! Because it is a dog.


Recently our children are lively. Crying, laughing, getting angry! The child on the top is often angry with mom and dad and we are crying. But it will be a smile soon. "New life" will be born from mom's belly soon.


It is going to be more lively. My concern is ... to be taken with fluffy cushions! That is where I sleep in my favorite place! When my family monopolizes occasionally I am enviously looking at the corner. One who monopolizes when everyone goes to the bedroom!

This is the first settlement.

Mom and Dad said "When a baby is born, six people including me will go to take pictures" Good ~! Then I can show you everyone ~. Let's meet again.