I went to Asobono / アソボーノ【ASOBONO】に行ってきました。


"Republic of children playing the leading role" in the capital It is a facility that children can play all day. I have been there several times, but it does not get tired of children for many times! d(。ゝд・)
最近、上の子がお手伝いや、お約束事を守っていたので『ご褒美』に『アソボーノ行く?』と聞くと、万年の笑みで『ありがと~♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪やった~! 』←こんな感じで大喜びしていました。
Recently, the upper child helped and kept the promise so "Rewards" to "Go to Asobono?" "I asked" Thank you ~ ♪ ~ ♪ d (⌒ o ⌒) b ♪ ~ ♪ ~ with a smile of a million years! ← I was delighted with such feeling.
Today I finished work in the morning so I joined my family around noon. (Even adults alone can enter later, but the condition must be accompanied by children first) The children were playing earlier. I guess if you have been there, if you do not buy a passport one day, watch and stare! "Persuasion" to let the child go home is also hard.
Haa (lll 'θ`) = 3 ぁ ぁ ...


Because I could buy one day passport, I was not worried about the extension fee, but I got a big fight at "persuasion" to go home! If I did not want to leave, I ran away, eventually I was playing for 4 hours.
The upper child played with ball pool and air trampoline occasionally with a line of "Mel doll" and the lower child was playing hard while saying "man man" because "Anpanman" is my boom.
p( ̄o ̄)qオッ!!v( ̄ε ̄)vツー!! 
The children slept in a car on the way home with a vigor. Of course our parents were also good minded, but we managed to drive safely for safe driving. A long day is over.
p (¯o¯) q Oh !! v (¯ε¯) v Two !!
For details of Asobono facilities please click the button below (Information in English) Please see the official website in Japanese from the link below. Everyone please spend a good weekend with our children! Papa & Mama Let 's do our best!