Fanta Fanta ファンタ2

自動販売機限定 第2弾 Fanta Grapefruit Flavor。前回に引き続き新商品として登場。Grapefruit が好きな人には満足できる炭酸飲料です。無果汁ながら酸味があり、どこか懐かしい味。我が子も大好きな味で殆ど飲み干してしまいました。




Vending machine limited 2nd Fanta Grapefruit Flavor. It appeared as a new product continuously from last time. It is a satisfactory carbonated drink for those who like Grapefruit. There is sour taste while there is no fruit juice, a nostalgic taste somewhere. My child also drank most of it with my favorite taste.


Speaking of Fanta, a fruity flavor carbonated drink that everyone has drunk. The origin of Fanta is derived from English Fantasy (Fantasy) and Fantastic (Amazing). Even though it is fruit juice, I can feel the fragrance and atmosphere of the fruit firmly and have been moistening my throat with the classic "Orange" "Grape" from about 60 years ago.


『ファンタ グレープフルーツ』が初めて世に現れたのは、1993年。優しい甘さとすっきり感、これまでになかった微炭酸でまたたく間に人気フレーバーになった。


"Fanta grapefruit" first appeared in the world in 1993. With sweetness and refreshing feeling gentle, it has become a popular flavor quickly with micro carbonic acid which has never existed before.

季節ごとに日本限定販売のファンタは多くあります。日本に旅行に来られた際は観光と共に日本独自のファンタ フレイバーを探してみるのも面白いですよ。


There are many fantasy of limited edition in Japan for each season. When traveling to Japan, it is interesting to try sightseeing and find Japanese unique fanta flavor bars.