March in Doll Festival

How is everyone doing? It is Kotora. It is still cold in Japan, but sneezing has come out recently here. Is it a cold? I think that "pollen" is already flying.It has become a time of hell for people with hay fever.


I can not afford tissue and eye drops.Is hay fever syndrome common in the world? I think, but how about in countries other than Japan?There are many other cedars and cypress as the cause of hay fever, and there are many others, but these two are famous!


Although the talk changes, I went to see a professional photographer to take pictures at a place in Tokyo with my mum and children yesterday. Unfortunately Dad seems to have been unable to come by work and I do not yet know what kind of picture it is. I will post it to my blog again as soon as I get a picture, so please look forward to it.

The above picture was taken five years ago! If you want, please download it for free and wallpaper.

March in Doll Festival

Time passes soon earlier in March and Japan will decorate the "Doll of the Hinamatsuri" doll at the event to celebrate the "Momo Festival" girl. What kind of doll? Because some people do not know, I'll show you the photos of last year.


If you come to Japan in March, you better go to "Hinamatsuri"! Also, if you have hay fever you should bring a lot of tissue!