Birthday Present from my Princess(娘からの誕生日プレゼント)

仕事を終え帰宅すると、上の子が2階から『パパ まだ2階に来たらダメー』っと大声で叫ばれました。しばらく待ち、『2階に来ていいよー』っと言われ階段を上がると、なんだかバターの香りダイニングテーブルを見ると『誕生日ケーキ』あるではないですか!上の子が『ケーキがんばって作ったの』って言いながらニコニコしながら迎えてくれました。



When I came home after finishing my work, the upper child was shouted loudly from the second floor "Daddy don't came to the second floor yet". Wait for a while, "It is OK to come to the second floor" It is told to go up the stairs and somehow smell of butter When you look at the dining table there is  "birthday cake" there! She greeted me while smiling while saying that the upper child made "cakes".

So February 14th is my birthday.


私は嬉しさが込み上げ上の子を抱きしめてしまいました。抱きしめながら『最高の誕生日プレゼントを貰ったよ』と心が震えました。今までもらったプレゼントの中で 子供の手作りケーキにかなうものはありませんね!


I embraced a child above joyfully pleased. While holding me, my heart trembled "I got the best birthday present." None of the gifts you've received ever made a child's handmade cake!





After that I heard it secretly from Mama, but it seems that the upper child was saying that she wanted to make a birthday cake with a secret and want him to be surprised. It was hard to make a cake for the first time, it looked very fun!

Mama helped only when baking the dough, decoration was said that all the upper children did. (I upload pictures)




After having a candle on fire and celebrating my birthday, I got it delicious with my family!




The upper child is about 5 years old. she will be an elementary school student from next spring. one by one slowly, she is climbing the stairs of growth steadily. Now she want to know various things, it may be the time she want to experience. I would like to teach the experiences I have experienced as a parent, common sense of society, knowledge in growing and I will support as much as possible.