Bikkuriman chocolate character secretarial episode from Lotte Company

Why do not you go shopping the other day and some supermarket! I am selling Bikkuriman chocolate which I touched on my blog! It is not a collaboration product but 40 kinds of character things that was visionary! The excitement of childhood feeling came up and bought only two.


What a miracle when you return home and open! Both are "Yamato Bomb God" It was also correct head Is it correct? The sweets tasted nostalgic as well. When I was a child I gave sweets without eating. But there is memory that I was overjoyed when the head came out.

The next day the excitement did not get cold, I kept it confident in my mother "I bought an adult case". I think I will open little by little on a day off. "We will keep opening breaking movies. "


What kind of characters did you like? I am Head Rococo!