Fanta Fruits Flavor

good evening. Introducing drinks that have been interested recently. Do you remember everything? Perhaps the people of the Showa 50 generation. It is a limited item of Fanta Pruts Punch Taste Vending Machine. It was a vending machine in Kotora 's walking path and it began to be seen from the last year and I bought it with so much nostalgia. As soon as I returned home I tried to open the lid and drink it, the lower child approached "Yokose" and almost drank it. The upper child finished drinking a bite saying "I feel some strange taste." I also remembered my childhood when I got a bite. This taste is a taste that I played juvenile baseball when I was in elementary school and drank it at the end of baseball. It was full of mud and was absent from baseball. It is a palate memories like that. What kind of memories do you have? What?